Upcoming Trip: Lombok


Mr. D and I fell in love with Indonesia when visiting Bali in April. So when the time came round to decide the destination of our next trip, we opted to stay firmly within the Indonesian archipelago. And in fact very close to Bali, as we have chosen Lombok and its famous Gili Islands as our next whistle-stop adventure in South East Asia.

We have just over a week to go before our trip and I am already getting really excited for this beach getaway.




Image from Pixabay

We plan to begin our trip on the island of Lombok itself.  Lombok is situated right next to Bali and can be accessed either by plane or by fast boat from Bali. On our outgoing journey we will be using the former mode of transport as it turns out that for our timings it is just more convenient, but we plan to return back to Singapore via Bali using the fast boat so I will be able to let you know which is best!


Image from Pixabay

As a destination, Lombok has lots to offer as it is brimming with natural beauty and culture. The turquoise sea and white sandy beaches, waterfalls and the famous Gunung Rinjani all draw travelers to the island.  Unfortunately with such a short stay here it is impossible for us to fit it all in. However, we do plan to visit some of the islands more famous waterfalls and craft villages before heading across to the Gili Islands.

Gili Air

The Gili Islands are situated just off the coast of Lombok and appeal to those who, like us,  are looking for a relaxed beach getaway. Originally aimed mainly at backpackers, the islands have since been developed and now offer many luxury accommodation options…which of course we will be trying to make the most of!


Image by Yeowatzup, Flickr 

Our second stop, Gili Air, is the second smallest Gili Island and located closest to Lombok. It can be reached by a 10-15 minute boat ride from Lombok via public or private speedboat. The island itself is less developed than its famous sister island Gili Trawangan and offers a very relaxed array of activities, which are mainly beach or spa based. For those who know me, it may have just become apparent why this is on our list! I can’t resist any destination that describes itself as beach AND spa focused!


Image by Francesco, Flickr

We have opted to stay in a more secluded hotel during our stay on the island and will be taking up residence at the Atoll Haven Villas. Now comes the admission – I haven’t actually booked anything during our stay on the Gili Air (very out of character for me!) but hopefully we will have the opportunity to get some snorkeling in!

Gili Trawangan


Image by Jorge, Flickr

The final stop on our tour is the island of Gili Trawangan, the largest of the Gili Islands. Most famous for its dive schools, the island is well known for having a very laid back beach vibe. The island is also the most developed of the Gili Islands and offers the widest array of restaurants, spas and activities.

As always, I have done some research on the best things to do while we are on the island but as most things only require booking on the day you will just have to wait and see what we get up to!

Do you have any tips for any of our stops in Lombok?