April Travel Link Up: Scents of Travel

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Catching the waft of a scent as I lie on a beach, or walk past a stall or a shop can instantly transport me to just about anywhere in the world. The smell draws on memories that I have stored and almost forgotten. I have to admit while a lot of smells that remind me of travel are evocative and delicious like the smell of freshly cooked bread in a bakery that brings back memories of fresh croissants in Paris. Some are not so – like the smell of hot rubbish that reminds me of our walk around Cairo many years ago!

When I first started thinking about what scent encapsulated my travels so many popped into my mind ..


The smell of the sea (and suncream) that transports me to the gorgeous beaches of the Caribbean.


The smell of roasting satay that transports me to a hawker centre in Singapore.

But for me one of strongest reminder of my travels is the sight and smell of orchids. Yes they are not the most fragrant of flower but there is something about the smell as you open the box that gets me every time. Why orchids? Well when I was younger my dad worked a lot in Asia and so I was fortunate enough to travel extensively around the continent and at every airport we went through he would insist on purchasing a box of orchids and since then it has become somewhat of a tradition and every airport in Asia I visit I look out for the boxes of fresh orchids to purchase.


So in honour of this memory I took a wander round the National Orchard Garden in Singapore today.


& I was absolutely blown away by the variety of orchids they had on display.



Have you got a favourite scent story?  Got a flower that evokes fond memories? Join this months travel-linkup on scent.

Just pop your scent-sational post up over the first week of the month (the 1st – 7th April 2016), add it to the link up widget found on Emma, Angie‘s, Jessi‘s or the lovely Sus at Jet Set Chick from the 1st.


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  • orchids are really special:) #travel linkup

  • Awww, that smell of roasting satay…! I love your family’s tradition of orchids.

    • Thanks @adventuresofalondonkiwi:disqus – It always surprises me how quickly things become a tradition, has to be one of my favourite ones we have. We now even have orchid plants in the kitchen!

  • Mmm satay chicken… my mouth may have watered a little there! Love those beautiful orchids, such intense colours!

    • It is one of my favourite local dishes! Thanks the Botanic Gardens really are beautiful @jessi2feet1world:disqus

  • Eppie Shepherd

    I’d love to go to Singapore, those orchids look divine! @eppieshepherd:disqus